Were You Expection Only Johnny?

Sunday Stealing: Celebrity Obsession

01. First Celebrity Obsession or Crush:
Kenny Rogers, when I was like four years old.

02. Favorite Celebrity Encounter:
Buddy Jewel, the first winner of Nashville Star. He was a pretty cool guy.

03. Most Cherished Celebrity Obsession
Johnny Depp, I’ll love him till the day I die.

04. A celebrity you’d love to hang out with
Eliza Dushku, I think we’d get along pretty well.

05. A celebrity you’d love to sit down and have a conversation with
Johnny Depp, it be interesting to hear his stories.

06. An artist you’d like to see live:
Big Bang or Shinee, any of the K-Pop bands I like really.

07. A celebrity you respect purely for talent:
Will Smith, I like him too…but his talent is what hooked me.

08. A celebrity you feel you’d be good friends with:
Eliza Dushku, as I mentioned above. Also probably Reese Witherspoon.

09. A celebrity you dislike that others seem to love:
The ‘reality’ TV celebs. Can’t stand hardly any of them. Especially the freaking Kardashians!

10. A celebrity you respect for what they’ve been through in life:
Robin Williams.

11. A celebrity you share a birthday with:
No one that I’m a huge fan of, but Jeff Bridges is one of them.

12. A celebrity you find annoying:
Pick a Kardashian, any Kardashian. I find them all annoying!!!

13. Favorite under-20 celebrity:
Maisie Williams, Arya is my favorite Stark…just hope she lives. ^_^

14. Favorite over-60 celebrity:
Helen Mirren.

15. The celebrity “fandom” that means most to you:
Hmm…Harry Potter or Twilight, I guess.

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Um, yeah….really I am a girl.

Sunday Stealing: One Thing …..

that makes you smile:
Baby animals being cute.

that makes you cry:
Those damn ASPCA commercials, I can’t handle sad/hurt animals.

that you love to do on the weekends:
Sleep in late!

that you do for only yourself:
Spend money on my games.

that you have in your underwear drawer that’s NOT underwear:

that you do before going to sleep:
Get comfortable.

that you do within the first 15 minutes after waking:
take off the covers.

that’s in your purse: that you actually LIKE to clean:
My wallet.

that you DETEST cleaning:

that other people would find odd about you:
That I’m a girl gamer. Even though as we all know…there are no girls on the internet. *eye-roll*

that you would buy if I handed you a $100 bill:
More games?

that you feel you HAVE to do before you die:
Live a good life.

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As American as Apple Pie!

Sunday Stealing: Patriotic Meme

1. Are you “proud to be an American”?
Damn straight skippy!

2. Favorite Founding Father?
Either George, Abe, or Benjamin Franklin I guess.

3. Favorite president?
Regan or Clinton.

4. Biggest “Patriotic Moment”?
Hmm…not sure. Maybe voting for the first time.

5. Favorite patriotic song?
Fifty Nifty United States or America the Beautiful.

6. Favorite American cuisine?
Apple Pie!

7. Happiest political moment of your life?
The end of Bush Jr’s final term.

8. Best fireworks display you’ve ever seen?
Last nights was pretty awesome actually. A private showing at a neighbor’s house of my mom’s best friend on the lake. Got to see like 5 different people setting them off around the lake.

9. America’s gift to the world?
Our awesome troops!

10. Favorite Bill of Rights right?
Freedom of Speech.

11. Favorite American Holiday?
4th of July or Halloween.

12. Favorite D.C. monument?
The Smithsonian Museum. It was awesome to see.

13. Your dream for America’s future?
The first WOMAN president. It’s time for us girls’ to show the boys how to get shit done RIGHT!!!

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